A conversation with  

Burcu Kayimtu, CEO of TBWA Turkey

"I believe that machine and human collaboration is already here and happening. We should listen to them but not surrender to data or machines."

"Business growth is a direct result of doing the right thing in a systematic and synchronized way"

"Traditional sectors can achieve growth if they can disrupt their old ways"

"Being data literate is about recognizing patterns in data"

"Future will be more humane and soulful"

A conversation with  Fevzi Gökaliler,

Pınar ET, export marketing manager

"We cannot expect to continue with the organizational structures of the past and expect to  become an innovative company. "

"To be successful, we need people who believe in the company's vision. People with a deep belief in a vision get ahead of people who merely work."

"Unfortunately, classic, traditional companies cannot find a purpose that can motivate both employees and consumers.

"The biggest change in the future will be the emphasis on experience rather than ownership."

"Collecting data is no longer a problem, we have too much data on hand. However, combining pieces of data to reveal the hidden story is what is missing."

A conversation with  Tunç Berkman,

investor, consultant, seasoned CMO

"Innovation is essential for companies. For a sustainable business model, innovation must be at the core of the business. "

"The basis of innovation culture is to be curious and to be aware of innovations in the world.  "

"CRM data is not enough anymore. A company needs to understand a huge consumer universe. Data literacy is required to understand this data.

"Education for data literacy is necessary. Achieving this without education is very difficult and time consuming."

"The most radical change the future can bring may be the loss of free will for humans due to advanced artificial intelligence."