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Gülşah Kaçar,

Marketing Manager -

Beko / Arcelik global


It’s natural to be skeptical about grand promises of Artificial Intelligence in marketing. Many technologies came before ended up short of being revolutionary. When I first started to work with Burak Babacan, founder of Divera, in 2015, I did not have the faintest idea of what to expect. He made a bold claim which seemed a bit ahead of its time.

But, it turned out to be that his version of AI knew how to fix a business challenge. AI delivered what he promised. Our market share increased. In the beginning, it was a leap of faith. After 30 projects together, I can say that AI is here to stay.


Adnan Alagül,

Marketing Technologies Manager - OPET


I worked with Burak Babacan, founder of Divera in 2017.  We wanted to gain market share beating Shell and BP. In the extremely competitive energy industry, this is by no means an easy task.


With the help of the AI system he invented, a long term strategy was in place within one month time. I closely supervised the strategy development process and helped the implementation


Rajan Gungiah

Regional Marketing Director - Defy Africa


I worked with Divera in 2018 and 2019 in two different projects. Unlike any other AI technology, Divera has a laser focus on market share increase. Project results were nothing less than amazing. Divera’s AI brought us creative and surprising solutions to deal with strong competitors.


Toloy Tanrıdağlı,

Vice president Ice cream -



We asked Divera to crack the impossible for us. The Project started with a confident attitude.  There was not a moment of self-doubt or hesitation.  Now, I can confidently say that Divera kept its promise and cracked the impossible.

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